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Shattered Illusion

Shattered Illusion ebook.jpg

A spoiled rich girl. A dark, mysterious man. A love that should never be.


Charla Krauss has always led a charmed life, always done what was expected of her. Now that her father is pushing her to commit to a man she doesn’t love, she’s looking for a way out. She just never thought it would lead her to East Sinclair, a man she should never want.


But she does. Desperately.


East Sinclair has a past, one he’s not proud of. And he’s made it his mission to never get close to anyone again. Yet he’s drawn to the gorgeous Charla in a way he’s never been drawn to anyone before.


When lies are exposed and hidden truths come to light, both Charla and East must face their

demons. Will they be strong enough to get past the hurt? Or will the shattered illusion of their

reality keep them apart?

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